Tulipa Weber's Parrot"
Photographing Flowers This Spring

Ensure success at photographing the abundance of flowers this spring – use our 10 tips to ensure you depict them in all their glory.

Photographer Anton Corbijn
Anton Corbijn to Exhibit in The Hague

Dutch photographer and director Anton Corbijn will exhibit this year in two museums in The Hague.

Flickr Photography Groups
The Photography Groups of Flickr

One of the elements that used to make Flickr so great – the groups – is still one of the best bits of the site.


ViewFinders Photography Walk – De Horsten, Wassenaar

Our ViewFinders Photography Walk on Wednesday 22nd April is in De Horsten, Wassenaar. We will wander through the birch woods, practice landscape photography techniques and enjoy the azaleas, rhododendrons and the blooming lilac hill.

Knip Molen, Voorschoten, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands
Advanced Photography Course 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Advanced Photography Course will run in May/June 2015. The Advanced Photography Course is made up of four modules. Each module is designed to make sure you truly understand the photographic element of focus and to provide you with real-world opportunities to practice that knowledge.

Digital Camera Display
Competition: The Fence 2013 Outdoor Photo Exhibition

Photographers of all levels are invited to submit their best image series that capture the essence of “community” and fit into one or more of the competition categories.

Digital Camera Display
Syngenta Photography Award: Rural-Urban

Would you like to be part of the discussion about how the planet is changing? Then why not participate in this photography competition being run by Syngenta. The theme for the competition is Rural-Urban and the video below gives a great explanation.

Digital Camera Display
Take a Walk on the Wild Side with This Photography Competition

Burrard-Lucus have opened the doors on their third competition of 2012. The theme is “wildlife” and in their own words…

“We are looking for striking, original and beautiful wildlife photographs that reveal the character or behaviour of the subject. Photographs of animals in captivity are eligible for entry but the circumstances must be disclosed in the caption. Photos of pets and domesticated animals may not be entered.”


Digital Camera Display
May 15th: A Day in the World Project

“Take this unique opportunity with me, and thousands of others around the world, to create a priceless collection of images, to boost understanding and enhance research and education.”

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

On May 15th a photography project initiated by the Swedish non-profit foundation Expressions of Humankind and supported by a highly respected global advisory council and a special scientific council will spring into action and you can be part of it.



Anton Corbijn Exhibition in the Hague

To mark the sixtieth birthday of photographer Anton Corbijn, the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in the Hague and Foto musuem GEM also in the Hague is organising a retrospective entitled HOLLANDS DEEP. The exhibition will feature highlights from all Corbijn’s series. It will start with the grainy black-and-white photos he took of musicians in the 1970s and ’80s and show how he constantly expanded his horizon to address new themes and experiment with different techniques and materials in later series.

Foto Henk Blansjaar. Watersnoodramp
Photography Exhibition in the National Archive in The Hague

The largest Dutch photo collection can be found in the National Archives in the Hague. This collection contains 15 million photographs made during 170 years of photography history. The exhibition ‘Blikvangers’ shows a selection of this unique collection for the first time. It contains original photographs made by famous (and some less famous) photographers like Robert Capa, Eva Besnyö, László Moholy-Nagy, Cas Oorthuys and Ed van der Elsken.

Railway bridge over the Koningshaven, Rotterdam, 1875 © Johann Hameter, Collectie Spoorwegmuseum
Rotterdam in the Picture | Exhibition Nederlands Fotomuseum

175 Years of Photography in Rotterdam


Tough, brutal, dynamic, modern: Rotterdam knows no fear! For no fewer than 175 years, the way in which the city has been recurrently renovated, revamped and altered, in a persistent process of construction, demolition, reconstruction and expansion, has been carefully and lovingly depicted. High-rise, space, water and wind have consistently determined the atmosphere in this multicultural, international city that longs to become a metropolis. In the past 175 years, the process of change has led to many exceptional photographic assignments, photos and photo series.

Exhibition Rotterdam in the Picture | 175 Years of Photography in Rotterdam
Since the invention of the medium of photography, there has never been an exhibition on Rotterdam that has given such a broad representation of the city and of the photography used to produce this representation. Rotterdam in the Picture displays a tough city, a multicultural, constructive and dynamic city, a city that is always under development. The built environment receives great attention, as does the harbour, the striking architecture and the people that make the city what it is.

Either independently or on assignment, photographers from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and abroad have been partly responsible for forming the image of the city. Photographers have developed a vision of the city and given it a countenance. This has helped determine how the city is regarded by external observers, which, in turn, has had an effect upon the way in which Rotterdammers themselves view their city. The image of the city and the city as an image converge here in renowned photographic highlights and unknown material.

Rotterdam in the Picture | 175 Years of Photography in Rotterdam is based on a study that the Nederlands Fotomuseum commissioned Joop de Jong to perform. This exhibition presents many photos from the Museum’s own collection, supplemented by loans from the Rotterdam City Archives, the Royal Archives, the Railway Museum, the Maria Austria Institute, Rotterdam Museum, and the Extraordinary Collections of the University of Leiden.

Photographers in the exhibition
Freek van Arkel, J.Baer, Andor von Barsy, Gabriele Basilico, Henri Berssenbrugge, Henri Alphonse van Besten, Eva Besnyö, W. Bleuzé, A. Boeseken, Boudewijn Bollmann, Marrie Bot, Kim Bouvy, Gaston Braun, George Breitner, Ger Burg, Wouter Cool, John Davies, Cornelis Deltenre, François van Dijk, Adrienne van Eekelen, Bernard F. Eilers, Wally Elenbaas, Franz von Erckens, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Francis Frith, W. Ganter, J. Van Gorkum, Johann Hameter, Robert de Hartogh, Carel van Hees, Walter Herfst, Jacob van der Hoeven, Alphons Hustinx, Andries Jager, Marijn de Jong, Rince de Jong, Henk Jonker, Jan Kamman, Bart Kemps, Gebr. Klumpes, Jan Koelinga, Helena van der Kraan, Carel Kramer, Susanne Kriemann, Germaine Krull, J. Kuiper, W.J. Kuipers, Gustave Larauza, C.A.G. Leyenaar, Jannes Linders, Jan van Maanen, Paul Martens, Peter Martens, Vincent Mentzel, Carl-Emil Mögle, Kees Molkenboer, Munnich & Ermerins, Cornelis Nieuwland, Evert van Ojen, Cas Oorthuys, Pieter Oosterhuis, Julius Perger, Hayo Piebenga, Gebr. Pieterman, Frans von Pöppinghausen, Bas Princen, E. Radermacher, Joop Reijngoud, J. van Rhijn, P.W. Roemer, Jan Roovers, Frits J. Rotgans, Gerco de Ruijter, Daria Scagliola, Eric van der Schalie, Jan Schaper, J. Schotel, Janine Schrijver, Paul Schuitema, Harry Sengers, John Sherrington, Ruud Sies, Otto Snoek, Sara Lydia Stahl-Van Hoboken, Richard Strauss, H.J. Tollens, Robert F. Turing, Uyttenbroek & Versluis, Pieter Vandermeer, Daniël van de Ven, C. Vreedenburgh, Jan Vrijhof, Hans Werlemann, Gerard Wessel, Ed van Wijk, Hans Wilschut, L. van de Winkel, Peter Wotke, Steef Zoetmulder.

On display until May 17 2015


Moondog c Peter Martens
The Collection Illuminated by Vincent Mentzel| Nederlands Fotomuseum Exhibition

On 24 January, the Nederlands Fotomuseum will initiate a new exhibition series: ‘The collection illuminated by …’, in which the Museum invites a guest curator who presents a select number of works from the rich Museum collection from a personal viewpoint. Photojournalist Vincent Mentzel is the guest curator of the first edition. From the more than five million images in the Museum collection, he has selected fifteen that have inspired him, moved him or that carry a personal narrative. The exhibition presents icons from the collection, including work by Aart Klein, Ed van der Elsken and Peter Martens. But previously unshown work also contributes to Mentzel’s selection. With a personal outline with every photo, this exhibition places the collection in a new light.